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Replacing Aluminum Window Trim

I live in Maine and my house has vinyl siding with replacement vinyl windows, all trimmed out in aluminum. For some reason, 6 windows on the first floor of my house (and only these six windows) seem to be improperly trimmed with the aluminum not fully encasing the older trim, and in such a poor fashion that I'm certain a great deal of water is running behind the aluminum (although we have not had any issues with water penetrating into the house or any signs of water damage).

I can't imagine how this oversight ever happened to begin with, but the previous owner of my house definitely put up the new siding as cheaply as possible (going right over the old cedar shingles).

My question is: what should I do to fix these windows?

The window themselves are fine, but I really don't want to go another winter with the window improperly trimmed as they are. Is there any way to do it without also taking the siding off around the windows?

I've attached a picture. All suggestions welcome. Thanks!


Re: Replacing Aluminum Window Trim

I would be much more worried about the wood rot that the vinyl siding and aluminum flashing has caused to the original wood window casing. You did not mention about the location of these 6 windows. Do they face the sun most of the day, or on the opposite side of the structure? Metal of all types shrink and expand with temperature. That is what has caused the gaps to appear. There is little to nothing left under the aluminum flashing at the bottom of the window that covers the window sill, or what is left of the window sill. You will be greatly surprised, or I should say shocked at the amount of wood rot that is behind all the covering. I would bet the other 5 windows are in the same condition. They need primer and paint to stay protected.

Short answer to your question is "no". You need to remove that as soon as possible and have the structure around the window rebuilt. There is water and moisture sitting behind all that flashing that needs attention. Prime and paint the new wood to be installed. I suggest that you remove all that vinyl and aluminum junk from your house. It does nothing but cause a lot of problems that no one can see.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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