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Replacing 3 hole faucet unit with a shower valve

I remember seeing an old This Old House episode where a tub facet with three holes was replaced with a shower valve. What impressed me was the new valve had an oval decorative plate that covered the holes from the old faucet to eliminate the need for retiling that area. I tried to find this replacement valve and/or trim kit and had no luck. Does anyone know where I might find it or if it is still something that is available?

A. Spruce
Re: Replacing 3 hole faucet unit with a shower valve

Go to a bonefide plumbing supplier, not a big box. They will have specialty items that the others won't.

Moon Over My Hammy
Re: Replacing 3 hole faucet unit with a shower valve

Remodel cover plate, conversion cover plate or retrofit escutcheon plate or base ring is what I think you're looking for. Depends on the distance relationship and location of your set up on the tub rim, deck, or wall tile, and if you have access from the other side.

Converting from a two handle (hot and cold) plus spout with built in diverter to a single handle temperature plus shower diverter handle escutcheon plates depend on where and which handles you have now and where the mixing valve is or will be and if you have a diverter handle or if it is built into the tub spout.

If you're converting a claw foot tub or a tub only to a shower and tub combination you can also look at exposed free standing shower riser conversion kit set ups at clawfoot plumbing suppliers on line like signaturehardware.com and others they work for other kinds of tub set-ups too:).

You might also want to look into pressure balanced faucet to protect against scalding.

If you have three holes or handles on the tile wall (double handle plus diverter handle) and you're wanting to convert them to a single handle and there is clearance below for the tub spout here are some examples.

Danco model 80054 Brushed Nickel Remodel Cover plate

Cleveland Faucet Group Model 40913BN Remodel Cover Plate in Brushed Nickel.

Moen part number 1920 in chrome or 1920P brass finish

Symmons model RC Remodel Cover Plate in chrome, brushed nickel or brass finish

Symmons model CC Conversion Plate in chrome, brushed nickel or brass

There are all kinds of conversion cover plates and remodel cover plates that can be used with or without other trim or escutcheon plates out there also some universal or generic ones.

Here are some photos too, let me know if it helped,:D

Re: Replacing 3 hole faucet unit with a shower valve

I also saw the program on changing a three handle to single handle faucet. After a Google search I ended up on this forum. I took the advise of one of the members and again searched the Internet.

About an hour ago (June 19, 2009) I found what I was looking for at www.PlumberSurplus.com

I ordered Part ID 58690 a Symmons RC Remodel Cover Charge, Chrome $29.99 and Part ID 58695 Symmons S-86-2-X Temptrol Pressure-balancing Tub and Shower mixing valve.

Total cost was $168.29 and "Free Shipping"

I should note that the Symmons RC cover plate is discount priced because it is being discontinued. Good Luck with your project.

Re: Replacing 3 hole faucet unit with a shower valve

Hi dfdorsey,
I was looking for renovation plates as the fellow above, but that link is outdated and does not work. If you go to plumbingsypply.co, and search for Smitty Remodeler / Repair Plates, you will find what you need. I used them on my reno, and they worked great. They also have plumbing supplies at great prices.

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