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replacement windows on house with vinyl siding

I recently hired a contractor to do some work on my new home. He was an old friend, so I immediately trusted him.

Anyways, I always try and give him the benefit of a doubt but he installed 5 new windows. He says he always "checks his work" and it was finished. I paid up. Anyways, I stumbled upon the outside of the windows, which I assumed would be finished. There is a half inch gap, more on some windows. I brought this up to his attention and he apologized but said the it was an easy fix, now he is saying they just werent finished.

I am worried about moisture and rot. He says there is an easy fix to this. I have researched and talked to other widow pros all with conflicting ideas about what happened. Im afraid he just forgot to measure the width (which is window replacement 101). Im going to give him a chance to fix this and I told him that I am going to have someone else come out and check it.

My questions is...is there an easy fix to this? Or do I have to hire someone else to fix his shoddy job?

Re: replacement windows on house with vinyl siding

It's possible he was off a little bit when measuring and it's common to have small gaps or cracks as the window is being installed particularly when adjust for plumb/square/level. On the exterior this is usually filled in with caulking and various types of flashing and trim, aside from possibly weeping holes where any infiltrating water would drain through the bottom of the window. Fiberglass insulation, trim and caulking should take care of any large and small gaps inside. It's bad enough you have to put replacement windows on newer construction but any kind of visible crack or gap is unacceptable.

Without pictures it's a little hard to judge if it's an easy fix with some caulk or if some trim needs to be custom fit out of aluminum/vinyl. Before you have your friend do any work I would probably suggest having some experienced with windows come take a look. If it's as simple as some caulk, you're "friend" is the man to get it done for you. Any additional custom work may require special tools such as a break to bend aluminum or simply knowing the proper way to flash/trim in order to reduce water infiltration and would probably best be left to someone with experience. Just my opinion.

Re: replacement windows on house with vinyl siding

THanks for your response, these are pretty large gaps, i am working on photos. And its an older home (built in 1945) with vinyl siding.

did the pics attach?

Re: replacement windows on house with vinyl siding

Im pretty good with pics but cannot get any to post on here, they are jpegs, it says it allows them but its not.

Re: replacement windows on house with vinyl siding
A. Spruce
Re: replacement windows on house with vinyl siding

Due to spam problems, TOH disabled uploading images to the site. You have to host them with an ****** photo host and link them here.

Re: replacement windows on house with vinyl siding

It is water under the bridge, but there were a couple principles I went by as a contractor:

I never worked for friends. I gave my advice free. I even gave of some of my labor to show them how to do things or bail them out when then screwed things up, but I never worked for money for friends. The whole relationship changes when money is involved. It is the surest way to sour a relationship.

Never pay for a project until you are completely sure the project is done and done satisfactorily. This is a lot easier to do when that contractor or worker is not a "friend". "Lord protect me from my friends, I can take care of my enemies myself!"

Re: replacement windows on house with vinyl siding

Someone got the wrong size windows- oops! You can either get new ones that fit properly (recommended) or close the holes with an appropriate material being sure that the gaps are properly sealed and insulated and hope for the best.

My source for these is a local shop where I know what to expect so I can get a perfect fit every time, but if I'm using any other source I will undersize replacements to be sure they will go in- but never more than 1/4"- because I've seen some that were delivered as much as 1/8" bigger than what I asked for :mad: To make a 1/2" error here is unacceptable. Sorry you had to learn the hard way why business with friends or family is a bad combination!


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