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Replacement Windows Falling out !

A "friend" installed these windows in 2004 and they keep falling off the track. I have to keep the window closed and locked to keep it in the window frame. They are vinyl windows and I am not sure what to do? Any suggestions to the problems or fixes would be helpful. I can't afford a contractor right now.

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Re: Replacement Windows Falling out !

Sounds like they are a little small for the opening and no shims were installed so the frames are bowing along the sides. It may be possible that just stuffing insulation between the window frames and the opening may be enough, remove the trim and try that if that doesn't work you may have to install shims between the window frame and the opening.

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Re: Replacement Windows Falling out !

Bowing along the middle of the tracks sounds like the culprit. If these are vinyl replacement windows you may have a quick fix. When I installed my own windows 10 years ago I had a simple way to adjust the vertical/plumb alignment of the frame on both sides of the sash.

Look along the track near the spot where the top and bottom sash meet when closed, if there is a small hole with what appears to be a stainless steel screw inside you may be in luck. You may need to remove the inner most balance cover to the lower sash to see the hole (it may also be located behind the balance in which case you would need to remove the lower sash and balance to make the adjustment,or if you do not see a hole you may need to swing the lower sash in as if you cleaning it to see the hole. The screw is called a sash jack I think. If turned in a clockwise direction it will press against the rough opening, if installed properly, and cause the middle of the window to bow inward which should prevent the sash from coming out of the track. If you have the screws you may need to cut free any caulk both on the inside and on the outside that would limit the ability of the frame to move freely, re-caulk when you have obtained the desired amount of movement. Use a long level along the inside of the frame sides to help guide you in determining the needed amount of "bow" to keep the sash in the frame because you don't want to over compensate and then have wood expansion cause additional problems as humidity conditions change. A lot of work if you have a large number of windows, but start with the most commonly used windows first. Good luck.

PS Have you asked the friend to come back and trouble shoot the problem with you?

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