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replacement windows?

well I have about a 20 year old house. the windows arnt horrible, but id like to put something more efficent in. What are your guys opinions on replacement windows?? theres alot of companies near me (madison, WI) that offer decent deals to install the windows. You have to purchase their windows though. I have a couple concerns about this.

I belived i could do the replacements myself, but if they install em for free.. then let em. does anyone have any insight in this?

Re: replacement windows?

You've heard this before: "There's no free lunch". It means there is no free installation, but there is "installation fee included". See the difference in marketing techniques?

All window makers must follow the same codes, as far as UV, gas filled double pane, r value, etc. The difference is in the window framings.

So first you have to determine the following:
1. The framing (wood, metal, vinyl or other).
2. The size (standard or to fit your rough opening).
Then you go forward.
3. The way it opens (sliding, cranking, up or down, etc.)

If you have no experience in replacing windows, and the offer you got looks good (compare apples to apples), then hire the window shop. But if you know what you're doing, you might be ahead doing it yourself.

Just don't make a mistake, it will wipe off all savings. Let us know how it went.

Re: replacement windows?

the two key factors when installing/replacing a window is proper shimming and correctly flashing it so it operates flawlessly and doesnt leak.

Re: replacement windows?

well, just met with the salesman today. He talked a great game, and seemed to know his stuff.. Im no window expert, but i get around prety good in the workshop. So the wife and I gave him the go ahead to get the ball rolling. we purchaseds 20 windows and 1 sliding door from them. they should be installed in around 2 months he said. there that far behind, which i look as a good thing. but we got it all for around 15,000 not cheap, but i was happy with the price. The bonus is, for once i dont have to pick up a tool! We went through Feldco. there a decent sized company here in the mid-west.

Re: replacement windows?

2 months is the standard time to wait for new windows.. its not do to the installers but do to the time frame to have them made. most respectable window manufactuers have anywhere from 6 -10 week wait for custom window orders

Re: replacement windows?

I'm assuming you've been living with the new windows now for a few years. How did you like Feldco? We are in the Chicago area and are considering using them as well.


carrie palmer
Re: replacement windows?

Go ****** for strong reviews before selecting a replacement company

Re: replacement windows?

Check for functionality, check for energy efficiency, save money with extra panes, follow safety codes, if need be dont hesitate to take the help of experts

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