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Replacement Window

We need to replace a window, but at the same time want to move the window outwards to create a seat. Outside the window is a planter and the eave protrudes about 2 feet. The planter is part of the house design built on the outside of the foundation and there is a wall extending each side of the window.
The installation of the frame for the sides and top of the window are no problem will install 2X4 or 2X6's.
Question is what to do in the planter? Presume I will need to remove the dirt and put in some sort of foundation for the window base to sit on. How deep, what construction? Some part of the planter will still remain. Do I need to provide drainage?
Current window is 52W X 62H double hung. Intend to replace.
Thanks, Dudley

Re: Replacement Window

If you are going to use the planter as a base then yes it will have to be dug out and footers poured. Call your local building department and get the required specs. You will most likely have to supply drawings for the plan so you will need to know the specs for teh window seat as well. It sounds doable to me but get all your duck in a row first legally.

Re: Replacement Window

Thanks. I am getting a couple of window contractors to look at it. I am only doing two windows so apparently do not need permits but still want to make sure it is done right.

Re: Replacement Window

You do not HAVE TO go all the way down to the ground.
I have seen many Craftsman style homes with balcony type outcroppings for bay window seats.

You can either cantilever extensions of your floor justs out or use 2x4 stud bracing from the base of the frame out to the seat bottom and repeat on top to hold it in making a kind of gusset or chamfer look.

Much cheaper and makes an interesting architectural effect.

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