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replacement or new?

I have read a million posts on this, and watched countless videos. But I still am unsure on what to do? Our house is 1927, with original 3 over 1 wood windows, with the weights, and storm windows/screens. The wavy glass is for the most part in good shape, only one needs replacement. I would love to protect the look. But nothing on the house is square, and my husband is "over" trying to sort through storms and screens every year, all the weights are broken, and they are very drafty. So what is the right choice? I have had about 5 companies come over to look and all suggest different things...one says replacement windows but I will have to downsize on some since they are wonky. Some say new windows but then I would have to throw out all the old trim! Reading around on here I see that there are options to replace the sashes on the original windows, and that might take care of the drafts. But then what to do about the screens and storms that never fit? I live in NW Indiana by the lake and can not seem to find anyone here that knows how or would want to do the work on the old windows. I love this little old house, and plan to stay here a long time raising my 3 sons. I just don't want to make a mistake I will regret for years to come. What to do? Thanks in advance for any help :D

Re: replacement or new?

Keep The Old!

Re: replacement or new?

you must be keep the old with you...

Re: replacement or new?

I agree! Those windows are part of the charm of the place. Once they are gone, there is NO getting them back.

I have been personally restoring mine one by one.

At 53 yo...if I can do it, so can you.

The answer isn't to just rip them out. trust me, the vinyl ones they put in will be falling apart in about 6 years & you may likely still be paying off the $20k they wanted for the vinyl.

If you want to spend the $$ for windows...pay someone to pop them out & reglaze them.

If I can make this

look like this

Anyone can!

Re: replacement or new?

Properly restored and weather striped they will out last almost all replacement windows. On the storms, you should only have to sort them once, then place a tag on the inside with the window location they fit. Next year you just have to be able to read.


Re: replacement or new?

Keep old one but by using your creativity make it new.

Re: replacement or new?

I just gotta be different :D You can get custom-made replacements that look similar at a good price. These will be made to fit whatever openings you have. Should you go this route, do the future a favor and carefully save what you pull out. Put it all in the attic so that a future restoration becomes possible should someone want that.

The upside of this is having better insulation value, new screens that fit properly, and no need for storm windows or their seasonal change. Plus maintenance is near-nil forever versus spending a good bit of time on maintaining the old-tech less-insulated wood sashes.

It's your home and your choice. As long as you don't destroy something you should have saved, I have no beef with that choice whatever it is. Choose what you like and enjoy.


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