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Replaced light now switch and outlet at the end not working

Recently I replaced a light fixture that shares an outlet that feeds power to my washer. This light shared the same circuit and it contained an on/off switch for the light but the outlet constantly reamined on, I ended up loosing power to the outlet and the light is now constantly on. Can anyone help me out or give advise on how to correct the issue? I have sent request for electricians to call and give estimates of repair/diagnosis but I am sure that I have just wired it wrong. When I originally kicked the power back on the first time the circuit breaker kicked the power off but then I rewired and at least got the power bck on to the light but not to the washer outlet nor the switch. Any help would be great!

A. Spruce
Re: Replaced light now switch and outlet at the end not working

If all you did was replace a light fixture, then it sounds like the new fixture is installed incorrectly.

Describe the number and color of wires in the box. What diagnostic tools do you have (i.e. volt meter, wire sniffer, etc.)? What is the age of the house?

Re: Replaced light now switch and outlet at the end not working

The house was built in the 50's but the basement wiring has been updated and has three way wire including the grounding. In the box itself there are a total 12 wires, the 5 would connect together creating a closed circuit and then the light fixutre switch has 3 then the actual light has t3. The light fixure branched into that series. Sorry if this looks bad but this is the closet I can get to drawing it on here, describing it is hard to do so on here sometimes:

_(heads to the outlet)__________________________(coming from the breaker)_
____________________________________ ___________________________
____________________________ ________ ___________________________
. .
. . ___________________________________ _(light switch wire)___________
. .____________________________________ __________________________
. .____________________________________ __________________________
. .
. .
. .
.(Light fixture box is in the middle of these connections and needs to turn off/on wih switch but outlet constantly on regardless of switch).

Does that make sense? Sorry if this makes it confusing by drawing it out, I have to do this sometimes to make it click for myself. Like I said previously the outlet was always on the only thing that is suposed to turn off is the light. When I started to mess around with this yesterday I lost power to half of my basement because aparently the other lighting sourses/outlets run through that three way switch as well. Once again thanks for all of the help.

Re: Replaced light now switch and outlet at the end not working

Is the red in your diagram really a white?

Re: Replaced light now switch and outlet at the end not working

From your description there is actually two circuits coming from the breaker panel:

  1. one for the washer's outlet which should be by itself (possibly red wire)
  2. the other for the lights and other stuff in the basement ( possibly black)

The breakers should be labeled at the panel and you should be able to determine which color wire is for the washer and for the lights.
I'm guessing that a red wire comes from the light switch to the fixture.

It's also possible that the red wire from the breaker panel feeds the washer outlet and you mistakenly tied this wire to the light fixture? In other words you have constant power from the breaker feeding the light bypassing the switch.

The colors may be opposite but the concept stays the same.

Once you have determined which color wire from the breaker panel is for the light circuit try and locate the wire in the jbox that feeds the light switch ( not the one feeding the light fixture from the switch) and connect those two.

It may be when you first tried things the breaker(s) popped because of double feeding the red and black from the breakers to the light switch.

Hopefully this makes sense and helps.:)

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