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Replaced Cast Iron (CI) with ABS - NOISE!

I replaced 80+ year old 4" sand CI pipe with 3" ABS for drain and stack. I started with the second floor master and guest bathroom. However, these both run directly over the living room on the first floor.

The noise is horrendous! I can't emphasize that enough!!! There are a few options to do since it's already installed. I know there's a wrap to cover the plumbing. I've called a few distributors and for how much it costs, I might as well have paid a plumber to come in and install CI pipe. Second, I know there's spray insulation, which should work quite well. Has anyone heard of any products that have been successful at this? Also, I live in Orange County Southern California; any idea where I can buy this stuff in quantity instead of spending $200 on 'Great Stuff' spray insulation?

There's a beam that runs directly next to the joist for these pipes which sticks out of the ceiling about 5". So I'm already going to double up on 5/8" drywall in that section of the wall and ceiling. Don't worry, I'll disguise it well!

Cost and availability are the key concerns here! I've already spent half a day looking online, and I haven't been able to find anything that I've been looking for.

Thanks a bunch!!!

Re: Replaced Cast Iron (CI) with ABS - NOISE!

repipe in cast lol

Re: Replaced Cast Iron (CI) with ABS - NOISE!

If you can find a place to rent a cast iron cutter, AND if you can find a source for cast iron pipe & fittings (check the supply houses), you could do it yourself. The fittings & pipe nowadays are joined with rubber couplings instead of packed & poured-lead hub fittings like 80 years ago. You'll also need a special torque wrench for the rubber couplings so that they will be tightened properly.

Re: Replaced Cast Iron (CI) with ABS - NOISE!

Yeah, I know I should have plumbed with CI. However, I already did it in sch 40 ABS. So, here's what my plan is...

I'm going to apply liquid nails for paneling, use foam insulation (Goodstuff) around all of the ABS, quickly put up 1/2" soundboard fastened with 1 1/4" drywall fasteners, apply more liquid nails to the surface of the soundboard over the studs and then hang 5/8" gypboard with 2" drywall fasteners.

Think that will do the trick?

The bathrooms are located above the living room in the corner. Having people in there on a quite night, to hear a toilet flush fluid down the pipes wouldn't help the nice environment. Honestly, I'd still probably use goodstuff around CI just to make it dead silent.

Any feedback would be helpful!

Thanks again!

Re: Replaced Cast Iron (CI) with ABS - NOISE!

We have a similar problem in our condo. We can hear the person above us every time he uses the bath room. His down pipe comes between our walls in our bathroom and bedroom. Very loud.
So, did your insulation / sound proof plan work for you ?
It isn't an option to go after the builder, the complex is 8 yrs old and he has moved on.

Re: Replaced Cast Iron (CI) with ABS - NOISE!

FWIW. I think you should not use any adhesive, because it's such a mess to remove if you ever work there again. Great Stuff is good for jobs where you are going to be done with it, but unless you know for certain that you are going to be happy with the fix and never need to work on it again, I wouldn't go that route. Find another form of insulation that isn't messy or adhesive. a pipe wrap foam or foam board or even any type of batting should work great for sound. Whatever you do, do the sound fix first and then leave it exposed for a few days so you figure out if you can live with the sound level, then close it in.

It seems that using CI would have been a better option, but I think it's going to be really messy if you start with a perminant adhesive and find out that you need to rip it all apart again.

just my 1c.

Re: Replaced Cast Iron (CI) with ABS - NOISE!

You could always encase it in concrete, but you'd probably have to strengthen the framing to support it! :D

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