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replace window trim in fiberglass door

The plastic window trim on our expen$ive fiberglass door is broken. We could replace the door but we have the idea that we could just replace the trim on the existing glass (there were no kits that fit our particular door style). Has anyone done this? Would a wood trim work in place of the plastic? I have the idea we could screw the outside and inside of the trim together (as they are currently done). We can plug the screw holes on the inside with some plugs (as are currently the way it's done now). I know fiberglass expands more than the wood. It certainly can't leak air any more than it is now!!!

Re: replace window trim in fiberglass door

which peice of trim is it? the brick mould which is the trim on the frame of the door or the small peice of trim which is arond the perimeter of the glass.

either way your best bet is to contact the manufacturer and ask for a service technician to come out and look at it. the technician will be more knowledgable and skilled in repairing the door so that it will keep its ability to keep the weather and outside air out and warm air in. ive seen diy'ers try to fix windows and doors many times, only to make things worse leading to needing a complete replacement. technicians know the units inside and out

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