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Replace Sliding Glass Door with Single Wood Door


I have a three foot wide sliding glass door along with its three foot wide still window wall that is attached to its same six foot wide frame in the back of the block/brick house. During the feeding time, my dogs keep pushing the door toward to the family room. I am afraid the door may be knocked down and the glass breaks. So, I would like to replace them with a single three foot wide wood door along with a heavy duty screen door. I understand the metal frame and its track needs to be removed and install a wood panel or similar to cover the still window's area. I do not want double wood door because the dogs may push and break the door stopper. Is that possible? If not, any suggestions to protect the sliding glass door from jumping or derailing from its track?

Thank you

A. Spruce
Re: Replace Sliding Glass Door with Single Wood Door

The best thing you can do is to break the dogs from pounding on the door. I highly recommend checking into The Dog Whisperer videos and books on dog training. His training methods work for any dog (or human ).

For the expense of changing the slider to a standard single door, why not look into installing a security screen door on the slider rather than replacing it? It would be a lot easier to go this route than replacement, should be a good deal cheaper too.

To answer your next question, you are not going to find a door like this at your local big box. You will need to go to a door supplier.

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