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Replace seal fiberglass sidelight?

Hallo! One of the insulated sidelights in our fiberglass front doorset has failed--the black seal around the frame in between the two layers of glass has pulled away from the frame and is now visible. The windows have never fogged but it looks horrible. We're getting ready to sell our house and would prefer to repair than have to purchase and install an entire new doorset since the door and the other sidelight are just fine.

I can see there are plugs where there must be screws or fasteners holding the fiberglass molding to the door. Having repaired half a dozen wooden windows myself I think we could tackle this--but my husband is afraid to touch it.

Any suggestions? Brand of door is unknown but most likely installed by the previous owner just before my husband bought the house 10 years ago; most likely the door came from the local big box store.


Re: Replace seal fiberglass sidelight?

Find out who made this doorset (go back to the store where you bought it), call them to see if they carry extra parts. I'm sure they do.

Re: Replace seal fiberglass sidelight?

Thanks--I'm less worried about finding parts than finding out what's going to happen if we do take it apart--i.e., will we be able to put it back together.

Haven't found any manufacturers' marks on the door--it's pretty generic--and I'm fairly certain the local store won't be much help since the door is so old and we don't know for certain where it was purchased--came with the house. (The family-owned hardware store would be another story but they've never sell doors.)

Re: Replace seal fiberglass sidelight?

I'm wondering if you ever found a solution to your issue. I have the exact same problem with the seal becoming visible in my sidelight too. I removed the frame and exposed the glass pane. The seal appears to "stick" to the interior and exterior window panes and thus is the support. I'm not sure how I would remove the glass pane from the seal? I'm not moving but budget wise I would love to fix it myself!

A. Spruce
Re: Replace seal fiberglass sidelight?

Does the "seal" look like double stick tape, probably foam core? This is the current fad for window installation. If this is your case, then simple cut the material along the edge of the frame with a sharp utility knife, then using a single edged razor scr-aper, remove the material from the glass.

If the "seal" is rubber, then either leave it or disassemble the window and readjust the material.

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