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replace outside stairs wood vs trex

I was wondering what is the opionion of replacing stairs. These are stairs outside of the house and we use
as a main entrance. Currently it is done in wood with a cement wall on one side.. which also has a door on it
(I use for storage).. my issue is that I hear that "trex" is also an alternative vs. wood.. However, Im not sure
what trex is and is it really worth the money. I dont want to be bothered if I have to clean it all the time...
I hear that is put it in and forget about it... however.. then I hear that you also have clean it and so some maintenance to it? Whats your opionion of it...:confused:

Re: replace outside stairs wood vs trex

I like composite decking for most applications. The things I don't like are that it can be dented but not repaired. It also wants good support- I consider 16" O.C. minimal with this stuff. And the ends where cuts are visible show the core material with non-homogeneous types. Nothing is really maintenance free-everything lasts longer and better with certain types of care. With wood that is rather intensive; with composites it's much less so. Use a better brand such as Azek, the cheaper stuff doesn't compare.


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Re: replace outside stairs wood vs trex

most composite deckings, trex included, are made up of plastics and wood molded into boards in various colors and textures. nothing is 100% maintenance free but the composites are much much less maintenance free than wood. usually the only thing they will require in the occasional power washing. it mainly depends on the environment surrounding the stairs, i.e. prone to mold or moss, etc. you won't have to worry about rot and peeling paint and it's a pretty durable product.

Re: replace outside stairs wood vs trex

Trex is the name of one brand of composite, which is still in business.

For stairs, you will need a lot more support than wood, to avoid sagging.

Re: replace outside stairs wood vs trex

Trex is good we have it in our house.I love to walk on it bare feet.

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