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replace mudsill and stud in a 5 foot section

Dear Sir,
A leak in the roof valley has cause a
stud and portion of mudsill to disintegrate.

The cement block is exposed and there is
no mudsill for a new stud.

I do not know how to anchor a small 5 foot sill
piece to the cement blocks. I did not see any
anchors, however I did pull out a piece of metal
hardware that several prongs and a rod at the top.

Could you suggest a website which deals in
anchors for concrete blocks, or a newsgroup?

thanks, Paul [email protected]

Re: replace mudsill and stud in a 5 foot section

New steel anchors can be bought at Home Depot/Lowe's in the outside garden section along with the wire fence and concrete accessories.

They come in different sizes, usually 6" in length to 12" in length; these are 1/2" steel with a bolt & thread on one end & a right hook elbow on the other end ( to anchor into the wet concrete when placed.

If your masonry block has vertical holes, simply fill 2 or 3 of them with fresh concrete & place the braced anchor bolts in & allow the concrete to cure for a day.

Cut holes in the new 5' section of pressure treated 2 X 6 & set in place.

Another method is to drill the holes in the wood, place the 3 anchor bolts & set them in the fresh concrete pockets, if you have clearance.

If your concrete block is solid, without holes, you will have to use a 1/2" masonry bit to drill some holes, remove the elbow, and epoxy the steel anchors in place.

Another method is to use 1/2" steel lag screws with lead anchors for the anchor bolts, as noted in the hammerzone site below.

The wall may have to be jacked up slightly if you don't have clearance to slip the new sill piece in place.

The new vertical stud is then nailed in place.

Any photos of this would be appreciated.

For more sites, Google "mudsill rotted replace" (with and without the quotes).


Re: replace mudsill and stud in a 5 foot section

You should also cut the sill plate so you form a lap joint on both ends with the old sill plate at a point where the old plate is solid and nail and glue them to geather.

Re: replace mudsill and stud in a 5 foot section

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for helping me. I also
was able to get assistance at:

When I looked into the wall I did not
see any concrete blocks filled with cement.
I found a piece of hardware with several prongs.
The house is about 50 years old. I've read that
it was not a good practice to lay the wood sill
on top of the concrete block, because of moisture.
Back then, what was the technique for anchoring
the sill to the cement block?

thanks again, Paul [email protected]

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