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Replace insulated window pane inserts

Is there a way for me to replace the glass inserts
in insulated double pane windows?

A local contractor quoted a price of over $800.00
for three windows. He removed the plactic strips
exposing the glass ( for measurements )and it
looks as though it may not be too hard to do.

There is condensation between the panes and
rust/corrosion is showing inside the area where
the gas is supposed to be.

Re: Replace insulated window pane inserts

If it is that easy to expose the glass, think about DIY. Get some prices from a local glass house on what you need. After the old glass is removed, there is a lip the glass rests against. Clean it thoroughly and put a bead of silicone caulk on the lip before putting in the new glass. Put in your snap trim and you should be done. I would try it on one pane of glass and see how it goes. If it goes ok then I would continue. If not, you can always get a contractor to finish it. But I think I would get a few more prices, $800.00 Sounds pretty steep. Most contractors charge in the neighborhood of $100.00 per opening (plus the window cost)to install a NEW window!!

Calcats ;)

Re: Replace insulated window pane inserts

Same thing I was thinking. Only problem is that I am in Eastern North Carolina near Camp Lejeune and of all the glass places I have found in the phone book - none sell the pre made inserts that I need. They also " do not know of anyone that sells them ".
I am looking around closer to Raleigh/Durham and Wilmington.
There has to be a place close to here. The contractor said that
if he ordered them in the morning they would be here that same day. What is the builders name for the glass that I need?
I am looking for low E glass, double pane, with a gas between
and preferably with the small white strips in side to make it
look like there are six sections to each window?

Re: Replace insulated window pane inserts

You need to ask for insulated glass with low-e coating and gas insulation and interior grids 6 over 6 (gbg = grids between glass). This will make it look like there are 6 pieces of glass on the top and 6 pieces of glass on the bottom of the window. Make sure they know where you live at the manufacturer's so they know where to put the low-e coated glass, you want it on the second surface. That is counting the sides of the exterior glass as 1 and the interior side of the exterior glass as 2, the interior of the inside piece of glass as 3 and the extreme interior side of the inside glass as 4. Hope this isn't too confusing. Don't worry though, if you tell them you want the low-e on the second surface they will know what to do. Hope this helps.

Calcats ;)

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