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replace electric wires

i replaced my electric range with a gas range. i want to replace the 50 amp breaker with two 20 amp breakers so i can install a garbage disposal and plug outlet. do i need to run new wires or can i use the ones from the 50 amp breaker?

Re: replace electric wires

When dealing with electricity, the best advice I can give is to hire an electrician. If something isn't wired properly, you can burn down your house or worse, kill yourself.

Re: replace electric wires

Probaly not. I don't believe you can hook up a GFCI (required in kitchen) in a circuit with shared common.

Re: replace electric wires

i believe that technically you can use a wire rated for 50 amps on anything lower than that, sort of like how you can use a 12/2 wire on a 15 amp breaker but you can't use a 14/2 wire on a 20 amp breaker. however, the wire from the electric range would never be able to fit into the box let alone attach it to an outlet. the correct wire to use for a 20 amp circuit is 12/2, so why not stick with what's right, that's how i'd do it.

Re: replace electric wires

If it's possible to run a new wire from the electrical panel, do it. A future homeowner may want to put an electric range there, and if you go and modify it they won't have that option.

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