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Replace 'BallCock' style with newer 'Flush Valve' style ?

Selecting replacement valve for dripping toilet

One of our toilets drips from the rubber tubing into the vertical cylinder.

Our Briggs toilet is labeled inside the tank:
4430 - 1.6 gpf/6 lpf

It has Ballcock style valve labeled:
Hoov-R-Line 8121-1AS

Can we use either:
Briggs Ballcock B351211
Briggs Flush Valve B351214

I think that getting away from the 'ballcock' style may provide more reliable service.

Your suggestions will be appreciated.

Re: Replace 'BallCock' style with newer 'Flush Valve' style ?

If you toilet tank is typical of others, this should be pretty painless for you. If the supply for the tank is feed into the bottom of the tank, and then this goes into the "toliet fill valve" (the vertiacl tube) which has the ballcock arm. Then you will be able to replace the entire inside guts of your toilet tank with little problem and about $30.

Go to the hardware store and pick out the replacement toliet fill valce you want. Also get a NEW toliet flapper (like one made by Corky). It helps to have a pair of 9" or 10" Channel Locks to help with the tighning. BUT DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Simply follow the directions.

Re: Replace 'BallCock' style with newer 'Flush Valve' style ?

I must not have phrased my question clearly:

I think NOT using the Ballcock style (Briggs Ballcock B351211) would be an improvement.

Will it work to replace it with the other style (Briggs Flush Valve B351214)?

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