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Reparing broken stair tread

I just purchased a 60 yr old home. On the staircase going up to the 2nd floor the last oak tread in cracked with the grain but right in the middle. I cannot access from under and the tread is between two stringers.

I saw Tom Silva use a dowel system to repair a crack but mine is too far in for a dowel to reach.

What can I do to repair? If I can't repair and need to replace the tread how will I get a new one in? There are walls on both sides.


Re: Reparing broken stair tread

Without seeing what you have it's hard to say what you need to do, but I think replacing the tread is your best choice.

Just like you replace a water pump in your car, you will have to cut, disconnect and dig around the treat to extract it out, put in a new one and finish around it. Viola!

Re: Reparing broken stair tread

Think of a step that's split across the middle from left to right. That's what i have. I'm sure it's no problem cutting out the old tread but how do you get a new one in? The tread needs to be wider the the opening in order to fit into the routered sides. Oak doesn't bend.

Re: Reparing broken stair tread

When you extract the damaged tread out, you'll notice that there is space for the new one. Ideally, the new one will be the same size. No need to bend it, just fit it in the same spot and finish accordingly.

Search for demo videos on youtube.

If you still have troubles, don't ruin expensive oak, hire someone experienced to do it for you.

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