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repairing severly damaged drywall

I had someone come in to do some work on my kitchen. He removed the backsplash by hammering it off, thereby leaving serious holes in my wall. There are chunks of cement and pieces of tile still attached to parts of the wall. One is an exterior wall and the other is an interior wall. Could someone let me know how I can repair it and prepare it to put up a new backsplash?

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Re: repairing severly damaged drywall

hi:Get a utility knife and cut back all the sheetrock that is there.If there is still tile remove it then the sheetrock.Take all nails and loose stuff off wall.Get your self either backerboard (cement board )or moisture proof sheet rock and replace it as close to perfect as you can.Tape any joints or gaps that you have.when you have it even either put a coat of oil based primer on the sheetrock,then get the mastic for the type tile youu are using if it is tile.By the way on the exterior wall make sure the insulation is dry if it's damp replace it.Then proceed with the tile and after that grout it and then use a sealer on the tile.good luck,it sounds worst then it is don't panic it's all simple.

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Thank you very much for your help!

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