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Repairing Rusty Tools?

First off, I dumpster dived these tools. I would NEVER have let my tools get into this kinda condition. Having said that, I need help/advice on the best way to clean the rust off and keep it from coming back. This is a bucket full of painters and drywallers' tools. I've cleaned off a couple of them and tried a little machine oil, but it didn't seem to help. The rust came right back. I was wondering if maybe using spray paint for metal on them, after cleaning, might keep the rust off. I really want to make these usable again, as I have no money for tools.

Any advice?

Re: Repairing Rusty Tools?

Hello there,I am having the same problem with my tools ,they are rusty and look old but they are still good to use.Please can anyone advise us how to get them clean. thanks

A. Spruce
Re: Repairing Rusty Tools?

It depends on what the tool is and how it will be used.

The important thing is to get as much of the rust off as possible, whether that be by wire brush or the use of something like naval jelly.

Rust prevention, if the tool is sc****d or rubbed in used, then paint isn't going to work. I tend to use a product called Top Coat, which is used on woodworking machine surfaces to prevent rust and promote slick surfaces without transferring residue to the materials being run through the machine.

One last comment. When it comes to tools, there's probably a reason why it was tossed into the dumpster to begin with. Use caution and a little common sense when you try to salvage these tools, they may not be worth the time or effort, regardless of your financial situation.:cool:

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