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Repairing poor insulation installaion

This is related to the "Insulate knee wall / keep insulation from falling out" Thread.

I have a room with a knee wall above the garage. I'm in the process of tearing down the firestop/ vapor barrier to see how bad of a job the contractors did installing the insulation. This is what i foudn:

I tore off most of the vapor/ fire barrier in the room. The first thing i noticed was some sizable gaps with really cold air coming through. Should be no problem to fix it. On the vertical wall, there was R19 faced insulation (i live in VA). I think 19 is enough if i can clean up those gaps. on the angled portion of the wall, they moved to r38 faced insulation, mostly. I say mostly b/c there are one or 2 bays where the insulation isn't faced. What should i do here? SHould i replace it w/ faced, or take the vapor barrier and place it over that spot? I don't really feel like the latter is correct.
On the actual ceiling is really thick unfaced insulation. Does this need a vapor barrier? At this point, should i just correct the gaps in the ceiling and replace the vapor barrier?

Thanks for any help

Timothy Miller
Re: Repairing poor insulation installaion

Howdy what is B/C?
Never put vapor barrier over insulation it will trap moisture this is one thing you never want in an attic. Fiberglass insulation lets air pass right threw it cellulose does not . The area without backing if it is flat consider adding some cellulose over the fiberglass to reduce air infiltration. Concern is the gaps in the knee wall insulation is this to allow air to move into the attic space above the R38 so the attic has ventilation or just poor workmanship...

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