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Repairing Peeling Paint On Unprimed Ceilin

I have a ceiling that has spots of blistering paint that is flaking off. Underneath the paint I can see that it is just drywall and it wasnt primed. There are no moisture stains.

It looks like a simple latex and I was wondering what would be the best way to quickly remove the paint. There are only 3 or 4 small spots that are blistering so I would assume the rest of the ceiling isnt going to be as easy to scrape off but I would still like to remove the paint so I can properly prime. Any ideas?

Re: Repairing Peeling Paint On Unprimed Ceilin

There must have been a moisture problem for the paint to peel, Ceiling paint usually do not require a primer. It would be a waist of your time and money, just get some good ceiling paint, lightly sand the problem area and repaint the ceiling. If you have some of the original paint you might be able to just touch it up and be done with it.

There is no sense in making this a bigger project than needed.

Steve Bolduc LA

Re: Repairing Peeling Paint On Unprimed Ceilin

Yes there was previously a pretty bad roof leak and has been repaired. I will still use primer because its made for a reason and I will always use primer on bare drywall, but thanks for the suggestion. Any idea how to get down the existing paint besides a plain scraper?

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