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Repairing OSB underneath vinyl siding

I have to replace sections of OSB that have rotted away under my vinyl siding. There was nothing between the vinyl and the OSB so much of it has to go. I hate the look of vinyl so I wanted to know what steps to take after I have removed the siding and replaced the OSB. I would like to just paint the outside of the house I just don't know what all I need to do to get it ready for paint. Thanks in advance Zac

Re: Repairing OSB underneath vinyl siding

You mentioned that there "was nothing between the vinyl and the OSB" - are you sure? If that's the case, your house is not wrapped to code, and you will have to fix the situation.

Generally speaking vinyl siding goes off the building in a reverse order of how it went on the bldg. Meaning: starting from the top, remove the trim and then the siding from top to bottom.
Once the siding is off, remove the rotted OSB and proceed with your repairs/replacements.

Remember, whatever exterior you choose, it must go over a moisture barrier (Tyvek is one popular brand). I suggest you contact a few exterior contractors for bids.

A. Spruce
Re: Repairing OSB underneath vinyl siding

Probably the easiest thing to do will be to replace the vinyl and OSB with T1-11 siding. You'll get the structural value from it that you're currently getting from the OSB. From there all you have to do is prime and paint and you're good to go.

You'll probably want to include house wrap in your siding replacement if there is none currently. You'll probably have trim work to do around doors and windows as well.

Re: Repairing OSB underneath vinyl siding

Yes DJ1 there is nothing there. I got the siding down no problem, I will be working in sections. I can't afford to get any bids, I'm more of a DIY person anyway.

A. Spruce, if I do go with the T1-11 would I just have to put the house wrap right behind that, over the insulation? I really would like to get rid of the vinyl siding so I think this is the route I will take.

Also wondering if the bottom of the OSB is rotted through to the insulation should I replace all the insulation as well? What would be a good R value to use here in MI.

Thanks again.

A. Spruce
Re: Repairing OSB underneath vinyl siding

House wrap would go behind the T1-11 siding.

You will need to replace any material that is significantly damaged. If framing or insulation is significantly damaged behind the osb, replace it. The insulation you use will be dependent upon the depth of the wall cavity. This would be a good time to upgrade insulation if you need to.

Re: Repairing OSB underneath vinyl siding

I salute you for trying to tackle this job by yourself, but you still have to follow your local code, to avoid costly mistakes.

Replace damaged insulation as well. This is also a good chance for you to inspect other things in the wall, like electric, plumbing, termite damage (if any) and more. Consult your code for the proper insulation R rating.

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