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Repairing freestanding deck around pool

OK, here's what I'm doing. What do you all think?
I have an oval pool surrounded by a freestanding deck. I don't know how old it is, we've been in this house for 5 years. The wood is dull grey and starting to bow like a saucer. I don't know what kind of screws they used, but they have rusted and the tops have popped off, like little BB's on the deck. Some repair has been done, as there are some newer screws. The wood seems sturdy, not rotten. I've read the different suggestions to pull the screws out, replace and sand the top. That seems like I'd be taking alot of wood off, affecting the sturdiness of the deck. Also, the deck is not rectangular, it is oval shaped like the pool, so many corners.
What I did / am doing:
1. jacked up the side of the deck that was sagging and put in additional posts for support (7) in between the original posts. Some of the original posts I put in small shims. Now the deck doesn't seem as 'shaky' and has made the fencing come back together. All the posts now seem 'firm', they do not move if I push/pull in them or hit w/ a hammer.
2. Following some DYI videos, I got a cat's paw and pulled up some boards. They seem pretty good, just a little bowed and grey from the weather. I just flipped the boards over, sanded to get rid of any slivers from previous screw holes, used proper deck screws and put them back in place. I walk and jump on them, no movement, or soft spots. I have replaced a few boards that had knots in them that fell out. I've done 3 'sections' so far. I really don't care how it looks. I'm worried about safety. I've been walking on the 'new' sections, they feel much better to me.

Anyone have any yeas or nays as to what I'm doing? Keep in mind, I cannot afford to replace all the decking, I don't know how much longer we are keeping the pool up, kids are graduated and on way to college, etc. so can't spend a lot of money revamping the deck. Now that all you 'real' DIY'ers have stopped laughing, what do you think? haha! Thanks!!!

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