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Repair tub drain plug

I have one of those drain plugs that is actually a lever near the spout that is opened or closed to allow the tub to drain or not. It is not working at all. I don't know if these rust or freeze up over time. I opened the cover of the lever and the mechanism does not move up or down at all. Any help repairing this or an alternate solution to be able to fill the tub would be great.

Rodney H
Re: Repair tub drain plug
Rodney H

The linkage might just be loose, or the sliding mechanism could just be stuck. First, see if the linkage is intact. Then, squirt some CLR, or Lime Away down the tube, to loosen the sliding piece. Often times, those things just get all messed up by hard water buildup. Once you get the sliding stopper out of there, gently rub off the buildup with emery cloth, or just use more CLR, or Lime Away.

Once you get things apart, see if the stopper is fully engaging. You will see a distinct line on the outside of the stopper, showing where it has be moving. You can adjust the stopper up and down, by lenghtening or shortening the linkage.

Hope your problem is solved.

Good luck. Hope you are having a nice holiday season.

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