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repair a splintering pine floor

Hi--I could use some advice here. I have a 100+ year old farmhouse with pine floors throughout. The previous owner had them sanded and refinished with water based poly several years ago, and most of them are in perfect shape, but the kitchen is a mess--splintered in places with chunks of missing wood. A contractor came out to look at it, said it couldn't be refinished (too thin), and promptly gave me a bid for all new floors. He said "plan B" was to fill them with colored wood putty. I tried that, and the putty eventually shrinks to the point where it falls out.

I'm not ready to give up if I don't have to--I can't match the existing flooring with a new product. Is there a more permanent filler that I could use, like an epoxy? I'm thinking about trying to get pine sawdust from a cabinet maker, and filling the holes more permanently with a sawdust/epoxy mix myself--then sand the patches smooth with a palm sander. If there's a better way I'd appreciate any and all advice. At that point I could rent a floor sander to just scuff up the existing finish and re-poly the entire thing myself several times.

Can I put an oil based poly over the latex if it's sanded and cleaned properly? I personally think the oil based wears better. FYI the floors have never been cleaned with anything except for vinegar and water, so I don't have to worry about residue.

Thanks in advance!


Re: repair a splintering pine floor

There is something called plasticwood that I saw at Ace...friend of mine said it was awesome. I would try that. Good luck!

Re: repair a splintering pine floor

There is a product called Floor Filler. It comes in a quart container and is a filler that will self level and penetrate into the cracks of the wood. You use a trowel to put it on. I have used it outside on wood floors and inside and it has never come out. I maintain about 22,000 square feet of wood floors 50% hardwood and 50% pine in my 99 year old apartment building so I do this a lot. It is stainable but you will never totally match the stain of your current floor. You can then poly it like an ordinary wood floor.

Re: repair a splintering pine floor

Thanks so much! I'll check out both of those products. If I can get the color close, I can make it work, even if it means touching it up by custom painting it with artists paints to blend in, and then putting numerous coats of poly over the top. I just want to make sure the floor is stable and doesn't continue to splinter.

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