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Repair, Side Over or Replace - 1950's Tongue & Groove Painted Wood Siding

I'm sure this has been covered. (Is there no  search feature for the forums?) I tried google with the URL variable but the results were lackluster. So apologies if this has been covered.


My first home 900 sq foot 1 story bungalow in Santa Cruz (for climate zone/humidity reference).  Original tongue and groove siding, no sheathing. I've torn 2/3's of the house apart on the inside (to take down a wall, open up the ceiling to install a header beam) and insulated the parts i could with bats. There was no vapor barrier which I knew would need to be addressed and thouht I would wait until I got to the siding in a month or so. I knew the siding had issues where exposed (front and back are in rough shape - sides are in good shape though). I started researching about siding over the tongue and groove siding, essentially using it as sheathing. 

There's also no moisture barrier since in most every wall I've taken down (inside) the black paper has disintegrated. I got some bids from multiple contractors and in my area it ranges from 15K (structured vinyl) to 40K (hardie). 

Other notes

  • The house was just tented 3 weeks ago (if you're from CA your familair with this. Orignally being from the east coast I was not famliar with this)
  • There are 5 trees that have branches overhanging the house which are scheduled to be removed next week. After that I want to start on the siding project.
  •  just had small attic 9'x13' sanitized, sealed and reinsulated. Previously no flashing around exhaust stack and gaps in the siding (could see light coming in)
  • House is 47' x 26' single story bungalow (gable roof). Every contractor said that both of the 47' sides were solid and in great shape, wouldn't need anything but paint.

Questions for suggestions

1. I will have to repair the sides that are in bad shape regardless of whether i end there and then paint or reside. Is this something doable by myself or will I miss details that will cost me down the line? i.e. not sealing correctly for moisture or bugs

2. I have seen here and elsewhere folks saying you can install rigid foam/rainscreen over the tongue and groove and side over that? This is appealing because i would like more insulation without having to tear down drywall.  If I go this route is it as straightforward as rigid foam, furring strips, plumbing and aligned everything and then siding on that base? If so, what materials should and shouldn't be used assuming furring is added and everything is plumb and straight?

3. Tool suggestions? I'm in the market for pneumatic tools - suggestions for solid entry level setup?

(My father is an electrician and his father a pipefitter. I'm not in the industry myself professionally but been around it and grew up digging fence post holes and learning the trades - so I'd humbly say I'm more handy than most of my peers.) 

Thanks all for any suggetsions, advice, warnings or otherwise.

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