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Repair Shower Caulking

My shower has ceramic tile on both the walls and the floor. The space between is caulked. Over 8 years the drain has backed up and the water has seeped through the caulk and damaged ceilings below. The caulk now is crumbling and must be replaced. The space between the floor and wall is 1/2" deep. I was planning to put a 1/8" bead of silicone before putting in the caulk. Is there something I should put in behind for the other 1/4"? If so, what? Any other ideas on fixing this problem?

Re: Repair Shower Caulking


There is "backer rod" in the insulation or caulking section of Home Burrito which can backfill the area. This allows you to use less caulk and makes a stronger bond with the caulk when installed properly.

Use only 100% silicone, not so-called siliconized latex.

The silicone caulking isn't (nor should it be) your waterproofing. Tile + grout + caulk + sealant is NOT waterproof. When the shower leaked below, was this due to the drain clogging?

Re: Repair Shower Caulking

Thanks for the information. The shower was used by my son. When the drain would run very slowly, usually due to a hair clog, he would let the base of the shower fill with water and when it would get that bad, the ceiling below would get water. My son is now grown and moved out, but when I tried to clean the shower, the caulk crumbled. I was hoping to do something better than just caulk again. I will look for the products you mentioned.

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