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Repair insulated window

How does one go about repairing the upper glass on a single hung insulated window?

Re: Repair insulated window

Window repair methods slightly differ from one window to another. A photo of your window will be helpful.

Re: Repair insulated window

I have some pictures, but I can't get them uploaded. The upper glass has a vinyl molding around the glass. I can't find a starting point to remove it

A. Spruce
Re: Repair insulated window

As DJ said, windows vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and application to application.

The standard window is set from the outside. Dual pane windows are usually set into a bed of polybeutyl or silicone caulk. On the outside there is usually some for of rubber, plastic, or metal trim that covers the perimeter gap between the glass and the frame. Once the trim is removed, the caulking is cut from the inside with a razor knife or a specialty glazier's saw made for the task. Once the old glass is out, the frame is cleaned and prepped for new sealant and glass. Install new glass.

If you've got a mobile home, the window is likely completely held within the frame, which means removal of the entire window/frame from the house to remove the glass from the frame.

Re: Repair insulated window

Even though it is single-hung, sometimes the upper sash is removable. Look for snap-in strips or plugs in the frame area which might be hiding screws or brackets. In that case just take the whole sash to the glass shop.

If that doesn't work go by the glass shop anyway and see if one of them will swing by after work one day to give you some advice- an offer of a free cold beverage might help facilitate that :D


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