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Repair cracks in porch floor

I have a 100 year old house that has an exposed porch with a 4 inch T & G wood floor. It needs repainted but before I do I would like to fill the cracks and sand so I have a good surface to paint. The cracks are mainly at the seams of the flooring. They are around 1/4 inch wide. See photo.

I have tried Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty and Bondo Body Filler. They won't stay in the cracks. I found a product on the internet made by Lanco..

Siliconizer Crack Filler
Smooth Finish - Knife Grade



This procuct is what I think I am looking for. It is paintable, sandable, knife grade and elastomeric. The problem is I can't find it in my area (68025). I was wondering if you have something else to suggest or tell me where I can find this product. Thanks You.

Re: Repair cracks in porch floor

I could be wrong, but from the looks of the photo that wood looks like it's too far gone---have you considered overlaying the porch with some durable deck boards.

The decking will last for many years & looks great.

Re: Repair cracks in porch floor

I found this post because I was looking for an answer to my question about cracks between floor boards- wanted to say this: I agree that your wood looks pretty far gone. . . BUT if you overlay it with decking like the previous reply you will absolutely ruin the old floor underneath AND you will have drainage problems AND it will look like a deck, not an old porch. If you must go the deck approach, resign yourself to tearing up the old porch boards first. . . and if you're going to to that, you might as well replace with new painted tongue and groove, not treated decking. Sure it will cost a bit more, but this is forever. . . My advice is that if you're going to have to go to all THAT trouble you may as well live with your current deteriorated boards as long as you can, and find some product to fill the wood. Unfortunately that's why I'm here too- looking for a similar product. So good luck. By the way, I use Bondo for everything. It's a lot of work, but it's really permanent. I can't use it for my situation because I've got a wood finished floor. . . but if you're painting it anyway, Bondo might be just the thing. . .

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