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Repair broken pane on a new style window?

I have relatively new aluminum windows in my house. They are about 7 years old. I recently replaced other windows on the same wall, and therefore the stucco and paint are fresh. Today my market umbrella (which I had to have despite my wife comments about "compensating") blew over and shattered the upper pane in the window. All I have seen are how to's on fixing old style putty glazed panes. Can someone please tell me I don't have to rip the whole thing out and restucco and paint. BTW this window doesn’t slide, it's fixed in place.

A. Spruce
Re: Repair broken pane on a new style window?

If it's a stick framed house, there should be a rubber strip around the outside that weatherproofs the glass to the frame. The glass itself may be siliconed or double stick taped into place, once the rubber strip is removed, measure the dimension of the glass, then carefully run a utility knife around the inside perimeter between the glass and the frame. Use multiple strokes with the knife instead of trying to do a full depth cut in one swipe.

Before installing the new glass, make sure that as much of the old caulk is out as possible, lay in a new 1/8" bead of silicone then set the glass, carefully and evenly pushing it into the caulk all the way around the window edge. Reinstall the rubber strip and you're done. If tape was used to hold the window in place, then you'll need to make sure every remnant of the tape and adhesive is removed from the frame because neither caulk nor new tape will stick to the old and you'll have a leaky window.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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