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repair aluminum siding on house


..i want to know how to fix/repair the bottom piece of aluminum siding that in two places..one for about 3 feet and the other just a few inches..does not lay flat against the house.. can i just use screws to secure it? and what type and spacing would you reccommend?


Re: repair aluminum siding on house

There are some very informative demos on YouTube on this subject, check them out.

Re: repair aluminum siding on house

..ok..will do..thanks..


Re: repair aluminum siding on house

Small cracks or dings can usually be fixed but serious warping or other big damage usually means you have to cut out the damaged area and put in a patch panel. If the panel is not actually deformed but simply loose, I would just put new nails in. If you do, don't nail them flush. A little bit of the shank should still be exposed when you're done. Nails and screws are not meant to tighten siding against the house. The panel should hang somewhat loosely on them without actually looking like it's falling off the house.

Be careful with the screws. Siding is normally nailed, not screwed. It expands and contracts with the weather. The threads of a screw can interfere with the movement of the panel. If it can't move like it wants to it tends to develop dimples and wrinkles. Whatever fasteners you put in should ideally be aluminum. If not that, stainless steel coated in anti-sieze with painted heads. You don't want to introduce fasteners that can rust to panels that don't. There can be a chemical reaction between the two materials once they are exposed to air and moisture which can cause surface corrosion on the siding near the fastener.

I just bought my first home with siding, the last one was brick. I was all set to go around tightening up all these frickin loose nails the home inspector seemed to have missed even though they were staring him right in the face, but then I did the research.

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