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Renovation waste

I recently renovated my home and I got ended up with huge demolition waste. I had rented out a bin from Gorilla Bins. I got the biggest bin they had and it helped me to get rid of most of the waste. I don't know know what to do with rest of it. I recently read a blog **********. I’m left with a ton of concrete waste. I have heard that it is possible to recycle concrete . Can anyone tell me what should I do to recycle concrete.

Re: Renovation waste

Order a second bin.

Recycling concrete is mega business, but not for a homeowner. You can order a low boy concrete only dumpster, if you are environmentally responsible. I'm sure Gorilla has them.

What do they do with the concrete? they send it to concrete recycling center, where concrete is separated from the re bars, then crushed down for new uses.

A. Spruce
Re: Renovation waste

As DJ said, you can either order a concrete only dumpster or find a local recycling facility to take it to. You could also put an ad on Craigslist, someone out there may want it for landscape retaining wall. If all else fails, feed it into your municipal waste can a little at a time.

Re: Renovation waste

In our fair city the concrete recyclers will pay you of you bring them enough. The keywords are 'bring them' and "enough".

Usually they just wave me into the lot where I try not to have my (now) teensy weensy truck crushed by their huge machines while I hand unload my few hunnert pounds onto the side of Mount Everest.

But hey, I get rid of the stuff.

Re: Renovation waste

Concrete can be used as deep "fill" as-is since it won't decompose. Look on "Craigslist" for ads stating "Fill dirt wanted" and you'll find someone who can use it sooner or later.


Re: Renovation waste

I think this is spam. The poster's other post on the site also links to a blog on a dumpster rental site. And that other posts makes it sound like they haven't tackled any DIY stuff yet.

If it's legitimate, I apologize. But it just doesn't seem like a normal pattern for someone genuinely seeking DIY advice.

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