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Renovation opportunity - where to start?

We have a bungalow style home with crawlspace, circa 1952, with an addition on the back of the house. Our kitchen used to be the back wall of the home, but now the window looks out into a hallway. A recent interior wall leak and loss of lower cabinet, all counters and part of the floor will give us a chance to renovate our 8x10 kitchen.

The current space is entire enclosed within a non-load bearing wall that we would like to replace with a counter/bar area into the open plan living/dining area. We would also like to replace the window with drywall and shelves between the two upper cabinets that remain intact. At this point, my spouse and I disagree on the rest.

I am fine with the sink below the "window" because that is where the plumbing is - but we could also move it to the back 8-ft wall because it is up against our laundry room so the plumbing is also available. I am also fine with the stove in the current location along the wall we want to lower.

My husband wants to reverse the locations of the stove and sink which would require both plumbing and electrical work. My question is - just how costly would this be? Ballpark......etc. Thanks!

Re: Renovation opportunity - where to start?

Cost vary so much from place to place that it is not possible to give you an answer. Are you planning to do the renovation yourself, bring in a contractor or act as contractor and sub out the different trades – carpentry, electrical, plumbing?

You can call reputable local people for estimates. Even with an estimate sometimes problems are discovered along the way – wiring not up to code and that sort of thing. So, make sure you consider unexpected cost in your budget.

Who does most of the cooking and cleaning up in the kitchen? That person should have most input on where things go. However, do take the opportunity to make things how you want them now. I can see where you want to get some natural light into the area by opening it up. Do you mind washing up facing a wall? I’ve seen some lovely kitchens with the sink facing a wall, but I would probably move it – but that’s just me. The stove will also need a vent hood. Another thing to move, but also do you want it over the bar area – which can be done or against the wall?

Once you get some local estimates you can decide where you want to put your money. You will not have the opportunity to move appliances / sink again. However, you can upgrade a countertop or faucet down the road. There is a wide range on the price of different flooring, cabinets and countertops. What you decide on will affect how much budget you have for moving things around.

Re: Renovation opportunity - where to start?

You have a lot on your plate. Decisions, decisions.

Why don't you talk to 2 or 3 local kitchen remodelers? they will tell you a thing or two about costs.

You got to work with what you have, from budget and funds to physical restrictions in the kitchen, so it looks like you need some professional recommendations.

You can also have an architect or a designer draw a plan and go from there.

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