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Removing "wetness" from old oak floors

My husband and I bought a 100-year-old farmhouse that needs a total rehab. The original oak floors are in good shape and look great after a thorough sanding. We removed a couple of walls on the 2nd floor and the oak flooring underneath is stained with some kind of urine (bat?)and smells awful. When the humidity rises, the floor actually gets damp and the smell is even worse. I have sanded off a good portion of the surface, but the wetness keeps coming back. Is there a product that can kill the stain without damaging the oak? I would hate to have to rip it all up when the condition is still so good.

Re: Removing "wetness" from old oak floors

the first thing you need to do is find the source of the dampness and fix that

from ther you can try sanding the bad area but would be better off removing the bad boards and replacing them with unfinished oak boards. you will have to go to a flooring supplier to get teh oak

Re: Removing "wetness" from old oak floors

Salt is hydrophillic. Pee contains salt. It's causing condensation from water vapor in the air. Rinse, force dry, and keep repeating until the salt is gone.

Re: Removing "wetness" from old oak floors

I'm not suggesting anything, but mention a pet product called "Nature's Miracle" -- it is enzymes (with alcohol & fragrance) for cleaning up pet urine. I use a specific type for cats (another one for dogs, but I think it's all marketing hype) to clean up after my wife's cat who throws up twice a week. In a rental with white carpeting, it was able to clean up the stains. It is effective also on other organic matter; I also use it on laundry that have pee stains or organic matter stains.

I can't recommend a way to use it on the pee or smelly mosture in your oak, but if you can't seem to treat it and you don't want to buy replacement planks, you may want to go to a big box pet supply store and ask for this ($11 for a quart or spray bottle).

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