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removing wallpaper paste

I have removed VERY stubborn wallpaper from drywall. It is in a hallway, stairway and foyer. Nearly all of the walls now have a very uneven finish, where the wallpaper paste has not come off and is in clumps. In some areas, I have rubbed too hard, and have removed the top layer of drywall. There is a LOT of wall space that is uneven. Should I continue to work the paste off, or start the job of applying compound to nearly all the wall space? Soaking the walls seems to be working against me at this point. What should I use to remove the paste? Help! Getting very frustrated.

A. Spruce
Re: removing wallpaper paste

If the glue isn't coming off with moisture and/or wall paper remover, then it isn't likely wallpaper paste and more likely some other adhesive. Let the wall completely dry from your removal efforts, then use a drywall knife and scrape the bigger chunks of glue off. Once you've got the big stuff removed, go ahead and float out the entire wall(s ) with drywall topping compound. Get it as smooth as you can, but don't obsess over it. Let it dry completely, scrape it down with a drywall knife and apply another coat. The second coat should go on more smoothly than the first. Once the second coat is completely dry, carefully sand it smooth, marking high/low spots along the way. Once you get that done, go back with topping compound where you made your marks. Now, you can either sand those final patches and be ready for paint OR you can knock the chunks down with a drywall knife then apply texture. Whichever you decide, apply two coats of a good primer such as Zinnser 123 (blue label ) and two coats of good quality paint, such as Kelly Moore.

If you decide to texture, it may be easier to hire it done than to mess with it yourself. The same can be said for floating the walls smooth, but that is a simple enough task that anyone can do, it just takes time to get the knack of running the knife.

Good luck with your project. :cool:

Re: removing wallpaper paste

The drywall scraping is a good idea, this should work well for you. I would like to add that you should wear protective goggles or glasses so that nothing gets in your eyes.
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