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Removing a toilet seat

I have replaced seats before but this time I need advice. The bolts have rusted and I cannot budge them. Please give this senior citizen on her own some advice. I used WD 40 to try and loosen it and it didn't work. Can't get under it to hack saw , can't budge the clip under neath.

Re: Removing a toilet seat

You want advice? here it is:

Don't try to do a thing you can't do. If you break the ceramic bowl, your $5 seat replacement will become a $200 bowl replacement. So if you can't saw/cut the rusty bolt, call a handyman or a plumber.

Re: Removing a toilet seat

A dremel tool or Fein cut off tool with a metal cutting blade will work.

New tools are always fun.

A. Spruce
Re: Removing a toilet seat

Cut the head of the bolt off, you'll probably have to cut through the hinge base plate to do it, but it is doable. While it will be more difficult, I would recommend the use of a keyhole saw, as doing this by hand will be much safer than trying to get a power tool in there.

As was said, if you aren't comfortable doing this, then hire someone to do it for you.

Re: Removing a toilet seat

Use a hacksaw blade wrap with a towel for a handle or get a hacksaw mini handle. Cut through the hinge and bolt on top of the bowl.


Re: Removing a toilet seat

Vise-grips clamped tightly make an good handle for a bare hacksaw blade. Wrap the whole thing except the cutting area in a rag in case of slippage. Apply duct tape to the porcelain around where you're cutting to avoid scratching and renew that as needed. Add some patience and you can do this! If the new seat does not come with rust-resistant hardware (they're mostly plastic now) go to a plumbing supply and get solid brass hardware.


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