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Removing Tile Floor...

Approx. just how much work/hours is it to remove a tile floor?
Is it worth my time to tackle it on my own. I have a small bathroom, with tub, toilet, and sink. I just hate the tile floor and the way that it was installed.

1 - What type of saw would I need to buy to cut the plywood for the new subfloor?
2 - What do I need to "break through the tile" to get the subfloor out... ?
3 - Do I have to remove the sink and cabinet, etc?

Just how hard is it...
Worth a try?
Hire someone to do it for me?
Or, just don't even bother until I am ready to remodel the bathroom completely?

Looking to hear "oh, don't worry it's a piece of cake, just" but if it's not, don't sugar-coat it.:p

Re: Removing Tile Floor...

There's always the option of tiling over the existing floor, if the tiles are good and stuck. (Wouldn't be my first choice, however.)

As long as you have friendly neighbors (the kind who won't come after you with a pitchfork for making noise), I'd say the best thing is to rent a hammer drill and buy/rent a bit for it that will turn it into a mini jackhammer. Should make short work of the old tile. (No more than an hour or two, depending on how small is small) Hearing and eye protection is an absolute must!!! (As is good footwear) Otherwise, a hardened hammer and cold chisel will do the same job, albeit more slowly and with more required elbow grease. It's probably a good idea to use them anyway around anything delicate that you want to keep.

A circular saw should do just fine for cutting subfloor material.

As far as waiting until you're ready for a complete remodel, you should be prepared for either an 'oopsey' or a 'well, I'm halfway there anyway' moment to turn it into one, regardless of your desire to keep it to just the floor tile. And make sure you have a good plumber's phone number handy, in case you get a little overzealous with the hammer drill.

Oh, and if this is your only bathroom, think twice. Unless there's a DD nearby that won't look at you funny for using their restroom at 2AM for a few months. ;)

Good luck!

Re: Removing Tile Floor...

Thanks for your advice...
I think I'll put this project off for about a year, then reconsider next summer. Haven't really picked out the tile yet.
Good thing we have 3 bathrooms. Just thought I might do the tile while I have the toilet off, but ... maybe not.

Re: Removing Tile Floor...

One other factor to think about... and a cautionary tale...

When you're planning for re-doing the tile, make sure that you're planning on finishing the new project with the same thickness as the old one. If you take out an 2 " worth of material (tile plus sub-floor) and only put back in 1" (not sure I'd go that thin, especially if it's goiung to bear tile), then you'll have an issue with the waste pipe actually terminating above the floor - not good. If you wind up taking off 1" and putting down 2", then you'll need to extend the waste pipe - worse IMHO.

To the cautionary tale... when doing a remodel of a bathroom that sounds about the size of yours, we also had only one stool in the house. It was later on a Saturday evening (P.L. - pre Lowes) and my b-i-l and I were trying to set the stool. We heard a little brass-sounding 'tink', and almost in slow motion saw one of the closet bolts do a graceful dance in mid-air to land a couple feet below at the elbow of the waste pipe. install kits only come with 2 closet bolts, and you need them both. My sister volunteered to reach all the way down to try to get it, but alas came up a little short. At least her arm didn't get stuck... The moral of the story is not to even consider doing anything remotely close to the stool unless it's a weekday morning and you're within a half hour of a HW store.

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