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Removing thinset from plywood

We're replacing the black, rough slate tile in our kitchen with Marmoleum Click tile. I'm using a rotary hammer with a chisel tip to take up the tile. One the tile is up there's quite a bit of thinset left behind. My questions are:
1) What is the best way to remove the remaining thinset? The rotary hammer really isn't ideal (too easy to gouge plywood). Is a large scraper my best option?
2) When pulling up some of the tiles the bond was strong enough to pull up some of the top layers of the plywood. I also put a few gouges into the plywood (see #1 above). What's the best way to cover the gouges?
3) The marmoleum requires a subfloor that is flat to within 3/32" in 6'. If I have any low spots what's the best way to level them? Will a portland cement based leveling compound work? Would this also be good for cover the gouges in the plywood?

Re: Removing thinset from plywood

was the thinset directly applied to the sheathing or was there a layer of underlay put down
i ask this because if layers of the plywood are coming up it wont be as strong which will lead to the new floor finish failing possibly.

if there is a layer of underlay i would simply take that up and put down new underlay. if the thinset is to the subfloor flat bar to chip up the larger sections of thinset then go at it with a scraper, then put down underlay but use construction adhesive to strengthen the bond between floor layers

Re: Removing thinset from plywood

a 60-grit diamond impregnated sanding disc on a random-orbit sander or 7" grinder will take that right off with little wear to the wood.

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