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removing stains from porcelin sink

I have an old porcelin (sp?) sink from my old house. It is pretty shallow, maybe 3" deep, reminds me of a dry sink. I wouldn't mind using it in our new house (more than likely just as decor) but it has something stuck to the porcelin. We can get rust stains off of it but not this other stuff, I wish I could say what it was but I don't know. Does any one have any advice on cleaning it? Thanks

Re: removing stains from porcelin sink

One house that I lived in had some stains in the tub that I couldn't get off with cleaners, someone told me to use a dryer sheet, one that's been unused, get it damp and scrub away...it actually worked on whatever stains were in my tub. Maybe give that a try?:confused:

Re: removing stains from porcelin sink

You could also use white vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice. All are natural cleaning products that workamazing well considering how many chemicals are out there. Good. luck. Process of elimination.

Re: removing stains from porcelin sink

Baking Soda is going to be your best natural cleaning tool. As an alkali, it can soften hard water and remove hard water calcification spots. Because it's an abrasive, you can also use it to clean almost anything.

To get rid of rust stains, use a little lemon juice. Because it's mildly acidic, it will take out the rust, but not your finish.

Check out my article on how to clean with natural cleaning products: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/615323/sparkling_solutions_how_to_clean_with.html

Re: removing stains from porcelin sink

* Denture cleaner. Makes rust and other stains disappear in seconds.

* Bathroom eraser. I found this at Menards in the plumbing department, and it cut through some hardened, raised stains in a tub.

Re: removing stains from porcelin sink

Here's a corrected link to the bathroom cleaner.


Re: removing stains from porcelin sink

I will try baking soda first, but I think I may have already tried that and it didn't work. and then I'll try the stain eraser thing from Menards. I'm not sure it it is just hard water deposits or some kind of dried adhesive but we'll give them all a whirl. Thanks.

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