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Removing primed over wallpaper glue

I am looking to repaint a wall that was previously wallpapered.

I was able to remove the wallpaper quite easily using the standard stripping methods. However, the wall underneath is very rough and looks like it has been primed thinly.

Looking closer at the wall I've come up with a theory of what I may be dealing with. Possibly, the previous owner put up wall paper initially, then replaced it at a later time. When they replaced it, they didn't remove the glue from the original wallpaper, but instead they primed over the glue. Then they applied another layer of glue and wallpaper (the layer that I was successful in removing).

Since the original wallpaper glue has the primer (or something) over it, traditional stripping is ineffective - the stripper can not penetrate through the primer to the glue. I've thought about using a stronger stripper - such as one you would use to strip paint or stain off of wood, but I am concerned I would damage the drywall.
Local contractors have recommended replacing the drywall, but I'd like to avoid this if possible since that would mean replacing all of the trim, crown, baseboards, etc.

Is there anything I can do to get the wall to a condition where it can be painted?

Re: Removing primed over wallpaper glue

Sometimes sanding until smooth will work other times it is easier to skim coat the wall and then seal.


Re: Removing primed over wallpaper glue

Oil primer, then skimcoat with regular joint compound (green lid).

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