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Removing Poly Finish On Entry Door

My entry door (metal)to the front of my home has a poly coating over the paint that is starting to peel and buble in places. The paint underneath is fine. I've tried to likely scrap and sand to remove the poly, but in places it just looks like water marks where the poly won't come off the door.

What are my options to remove the poly from the door and put another clear coat on it, without completely re-doing the door from scratch?

Re: Removing Poly Finish On Entry Door


I doubt that you are going to be able to get the peeling urethane coating off without damaging the underlying finish. However, you can try a couple meathods to help further break the urethanes' bond to the substrate.

Try baring down on the urethane with a plastic putty knife and dragging it across the surface. The pressure will sometimes help break the bond which is already failing.

Also try rapidly heating up the surface with a hairdrier or heat gun ( not a torch). The idea is to heat the urethane faster than the substrate and thereby help break its bond.

Personally, if the underlying coating is merely a paint and not a wood grain, which would be difficult to reproduce, I would just strip the door with chemical strippers and re-paint it!

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