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removing plaster and lath

I have a friend that has plaster and lath walls and ceiling, He wants to completely remove the lath and plater so that he can put batt insulation in the walls (he has no insulation now)and replace the lath and plaster with fire code drywall. The Lath and plaster has seriously separated from the studs in some areas as the house was built almost 100 years ago. How would you go about removing lath and plaster without damaging the studs below?:confused:

Re: removing plaster and lath

You can start by gently removing some of the plaster so the lath become visible. You can do this by using a claw hammer with a straight claw. With the claw, you can dig through the plaster in a spot. Once you have some removed, you can insert the tip of a large screwdriver and begin to pry off the plaster.

It will come off in smaller pieces to start, then you can go to any larger tool and continue to pry off the plaster. The pry bar called a wonder bar works well.

What you don't want to do is simply to start banging on the walls at random. Once you get some lath exposed, you can begin to pry off the lath in sections; this will also pop the plaster off.

It's a messy dusty job, but as you move ahead, you will get better and more efficient at taking stuff off. BTW, wear goggles and a good dust mask.

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