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Removing Particle Board from Wood Door

Hi! The swinging door between our dining room and kitchen has a skin of 1/4" particle board on the kitchen side that is glued in place. This was probably done in the 50's with a kitchen remodel so the glue is really old. I chipped a couple of pieces away so I know it's particle board. How do I remove the whole particle board without damaging the wood door which is probably gum wood? Thanks!

A. Spruce
Re: Removing Particle Board from Wood Door

You work slowly and carefully.

You might be able to use a router to cut just shy of the original surface, or, you could make kerf cuts just shy of the PB thickness and chisel off the big stuff, then sand the remaining down to original wood, or, you could carefully work with a hammer and chisel.

It's possible the PB was installed because the door was beginning to sag, so be prepared for a weak door structure once the PB is removed.

Re: Removing Particle Board from Wood Door

Yeah the key is to work slow with it take your time, it's possible just hard.

Re: Removing Particle Board from Wood Door

If it is a hollow-core door, I would bet the overlay was to fix a hole underneath or because of chipped veneer. In that case a replacement would be called for and instead of attempting a repair that would be my own approach from the start. Just because something can be done doesn't always match the amount of effort it takes to do it but that's your call.


Re: Removing Particle Board from Wood Door

Old glue and the particle board itself may start to dissolve if you make it wet enough. A mixture of water and white vinegar (it's a solvent) might work even better.

But I can't imagine why someone would put a board on a door like that unless the door was in really rough shape.

Re: Removing Particle Board from Wood Door

If this door is 60+ years old, don't expect it to be in good condition after you remove the PB. Think about it: it may not be worth the labor.

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