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Removing painted-over wallpaper

Looking for tips on removal of old wallpaper in the bathroom that some brilliant person painted over. I am assuming it's wallpaper as the paint is cracking in perfectly horizontal and vertical lines. Thanks!

Re: Removing painted-over wallpaper

You should be able to remove the outer layer of paper by a combination of scraping with a scraper and pulling with your fingers. Be careful not to gouge the wall behind the paper. It may come off in sheets after you get it started. After that, just remove the rest as you would typically remove wallpaper. Sounds like alot of time, don't give up.

Re: Removing painted-over wallpaper


Try sanding the wall with 36 grit sandpaper, The object is to break through the paint and the protective coating of the underlying wallpaper without damageing the paper of the drywall.I dislike those scoring wheels as they tend to go too deep and puncture the drywall paper. You do not have to get down to the wall itself. After sanding, start wetting the surface with LOTS of hot water. A pressureized sprayer works well for this. I would not wet down more than a wall or two at a time. When the paper starts to loosen, you want to be able to rapidly scrape the paper off. If you get too far ahead with the wetting, you will not be able to keep up with the stripping and the walls will start to dry down again. This job requires lots of patience. It will take 15 to 30 minutes for the water to get through the papers and loosen the paste holding the paper on the walls.

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