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Removing painted over wallpaper

The old owner of our house seems to have painted over old wallpaper. I took on the task of starting to strip this off in what we are making into our nursery. I found it to be almost impossible and stopped half way through one wall. I think they must have put wallpaper on unprimed drywall which I have researched and found the consnsus to be that it will be next to impossible to remove. So here is my question...
Our options seem to be removing the one wall and putt up new drywall (seems pretty daunting)
or I was wondering if I could paint the whole thing in drywall mud (even the 1/2 of the wall that is still painted). then sand it down, prime it and paint.
Does anyone know much about drywall mud or if it will work over exisiting paint?

Re: Removing painted over wallpaper

My house is 90 + years old and I have the same problem, it is on my ceilings and walls!
I have been really seriously considering covering my walls with venietian plaster since it can be tinted any color you want with in reason. I have asked around and all have said this would work as long as the paper is in good shape. I have a few places where my children have helped peel the paper from the wall but 99% is fixed solidly in place.
It is involved as there are three steps and it takes 24 hours to dry between each.
I also found the wall paper that is embossed to look like the old tin roofs and that can be painted as well-thought I might just go ahead and put another layer up on the ceiling and put crown moulding around the perimeter of the room .
I really don't want to peel wall paper because of the age of the house and the materials used.
I have flocked wall paper under the 2nd layer-I can see the raised pattern peeking through the existing. I am afraid that I would open Pandora's Box if I started scraping and peeling that stuff. Not to mention the old horse hair plaster hiding under that!
Home Depot and Lowes both sell the Venietian Plaster and a gallon runs about 31 or 35$ +tax.
I was able to pick up a video on how to apply it and Home Depot will show you how to do it and let you try it yourself if you call the paint dept. They have a womens DIY clinic on Sat.'s but I think for a specific thing like the plaster you need to call and ask for someone to show you.
Good luck!:)

Re: Removing painted over wallpaper

Removing wallpaper from unprimed drywall is very difficult. From plaster it is considerably easier.The plaster is tough material with steam your wallpaper should come off with some work (none of this is real easy!). If you strip down to the plaster you will have a solid foundation to decorate or repair. Repairing the plaster is always the easiest solution...R

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