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removing paint from Cinder block

I would like to seal my basement walls with Drylok. Some of the cracks are small (little bigger than hairline) but some are a bit bigger. Unfortunately, the cinder block walls have been painted.I called a sand blaster to get his thoughts. He said sandblasting a basement would be so dirty and stipper would do the job. So I purchased stripper for masonary and followed the directions to a "T". I tried to use a paint sc****r to remove the paint with no luck, then I tried a wire bush. Not a single flake of paint was removed. Help, any thoughts. I want to do this right, but I am at a loss.


Re: removing paint from Cinder block

Well if you tried a wire brush and no paint would come off its probly on there pretty good and you could just dryloc over it. They do sell a wire brush that will attach to a sawzall (at Lowes) maybe more luck with that? When applying the dryloc do yourself a favor and get a extra thick rollor it will save a lot of time and yield the same results as a brush.
- Newton Carpenters

Re: removing paint from Cinder block

Hello - I am curious to know the results of your project. We are now attempting to remove paint from cinder block basement walls and have been only minimally successful. Thanks!

Re: removing paint from Cinder block

It maybe a cement produce on the block.
Try some Vinegar on the surface to see if it will etch the surface if so it contains Portland Or Lime.
It also could be an Epoxy product.

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