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removing moldy drywall

Years back I had a wall AC unit that a roommate left running nonstop while I was on vacation. Condensation ran down the wall unchecked for a week. Fast forward a few years- I don't live in this house but would like to rent it. Now there's mold there and a makeshift window that an ex-boyfriend rigged as a temporary fix. I need to remove the drywall, bleach treat the 2x4s (or more than likely pull them and replace them) and replace the drywall. I am doing this all out of pocket, and my pockets are teacher's pockets. To cut down on the cost of labor (I do not plan to hang this myself, but instead hire a professional) can I remove the bad drywall myself? Are there safety precautions, like wearing some sort of mask? I don't know what to expect when I pull the drywall, but I know I need to do it right and as cost-efficiently as I possibly can.

A. Spruce
Re: removing moldy drywall

I would treat it as surface mold first, unless you know moisture has penetrated the wall. Use a bleach solution to clean the wall surface, then repaint.

If you know there is moisture damage/mold inside the wall, then remove the drywall as necessary to access it. Again, use a bleach solution to eradicate the mold. A dust mask wouldn't be a bad idea, though finding one that can filter out mold will be a trick, for that you'll need a vapor mask. You can still treat the wall with bleach, which will cut your exposure to the mold, before you remove the damaged area.

When removing drywall, you can do it the easy way and simply cut down the side of the stud, or, you can take the time to find the center line of the stud and cut it there, the latter method will make installing the new drywall much easier. You can start with a smaller area than needed, just to make sure you need to remove anything at all. Cut this area clean and even, if there is no mold, you can use the piece to patch the wall back.

Re: removing moldy drywall

You're on teacher's pocket?

Could have been worse if you were on contractor's pocket.

But seriously, you can do it, it's not that difficult. Watch demos on youtube and use common sense handling/breathing the bleach.

Re: removing moldy drywall

Home burrito carries a nice mold killer

Re: removing moldy drywall

Guess Emily doesnt live in my old hometown in suburban Chicago. 20% of high school teachers there were making $100K per year. I have a friend that teaches 3rd grade there and is making $70K per year. Maybe that is part of why I now live in Oregon! My real estate taxes there are now $6000 on my former a humble 1600 sf house in a subdivision. Two thirds of the tax bill was the grade and high schools.

Oops, this is a home improvement site. I'd better get off my soapbox! :)

Re: removing moldy drywall

We share the same soap box.

Just sayin...

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