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Removing Linoleum Tiles

I just purchased an investment house that was built in 1957, I removed some carpeting this weekend and found black linoleum tiles (with white streaks), some are loose and come up easily (they are glued to the concrete slab) others are stuck and come up in pieces. What is the easiest way to remove them or should I just remove the loose ones level the floor and install new flooring over the old (I am leaning towards laminate or ceramic tile as this will be a rental). There is one other issue, in an area where there used to be a doorway (probably entering a newer part of the house, the threshold is higher than the floor by 3/8 - 1/2 inch - I would like to level this as well which will probably involve chipping/grinding the concrete out or maybe just adding 1/4 luan (or hardiboard) to the floor and removing the tile from the threshold.

I would appreciate any thoughts

Re: Removing Linoleum Tiles

I'd try to get up the old tile before starting with a new floor. I've taken tile out of old places like you're doing and since some of it is already loose, I'm betting the glue holding the rest has also turned hard and isn't holding on with much. Try taking a flat, floor scraper and slide it under the tiles. It's worked for me on old stuff like that. If not, they make an electric floor scraper for that purpose and you can rent one. It'll make the job a little easier for you.

On the threshhold, I've seen them with a longer side on one side of the door for unlevel situations like you have. You might want to investigate that before you start grinding the floor. It may be easier.

Good Luck.

Re: Removing Linoleum Tiles

In 1957, much of the tile and the black or brown adhesive contained asbestos. Be careful. If you make dust out of it by sanding or grinding it (or it's already turned to dust), you could breathe that into your lungs and no paper mask will be sufficient protection.



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