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Removing lead paint from exterior walls

Probably 40 years ago, someone painted the brick exterior of our house and now the paint is flaking off. We're pretty sure that it's lead paint. We'd like to have it removed and have the brick repointed, but we're surprised to learn that it's extremely difficult to find someone who knows how to remove the lead paint safely and is willing to do it. There are hundreds (thousands?) of houses like this in our city that are all being fixed up and we can't figure out what other people are doing about the lead. We have small children who play in the back garden, so we are really interested in doing this the "correct" way.

Re: Removing lead paint from exterior walls

First, do a simple lead test from a kit you can buy in any hardware store. Second, resign yourself to repainting. Once brick has been painted, it is painted brick. If by some chance it's not lead (I put it at 50/50) it would be possible to media-blast about 95% of the paint off the brick. If it's a wire-textured brick, then 50% removal is the upper limit. If it's soft brick, then blasting of any kind is imprudent, because it will hasten the deterioration.

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